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Modified EBS

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Modified EBS



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1. As a dispersant for polypropylene masterbatch and ABS masterbatch, it can significantly improve the melt index and surface brightness of masterbatch
2. It is used as a particularly effective dispersant for pigments such as phthalocyanine blue, phthalocyanine green and carbon black (common and high color carbon black) that are difficult to disperse
3. It plays a role of brightening and lubricating in recycling ABS, PS, AS and other plastics
4. It plays a lubricating and anti-sticking role in transparent PVC, PP and PE; It plays an internal and external lubricating role in the processing of PVC wire and cable materials; It plays an external lubricating role in the elastic PVC material; Brightener for soft PVC 0.5PHR
5. As brightener and compatibilizer in inorganic filled modified PE and PP, it can improve the brightness, melt index, notch impact strength and bending modulus of products

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