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1.Plastic processing aids: This product is applicable to all thermosetting and thermoplastic plastics. 
2.This product can be used as anti-sticking agent and opening agent for various polymer films or sheets. Adding 0.5~1% of this product during blowing can not only prevent the occurrence of bubbles (fish eyes), but also make the plastic bag mouth smooth and easy to open.
3. In the formulation of inorganic filled PVC and polyolefin, this product can significantly improve the heat resistance and weather resistance of polymer materials when combined with the main stabilizer. Because EBS has strong affinity with pigments or fillers, it can improve the dispersion and coupling of fillers in polymers and improve the commercial value of products.
4. Nucleating transparent agent: in polyolefin, polyformaldehyde, polyamide and other compounds, it can shorten its nucleation time, promote the resin structure to become fine, and then improve the mechanical properties and transparency of products.
5. Rubber processing: This product can be used as lubricant, anti-sticking agent, release agent, filler surface modifier and surface treatment agent of hard rubber, and can improve the surface finish of rubber hose and rubber plate. Rubber surface brightener: in the processing of fluororubber, it can improve the properties of rubber particle kneading, processing and vulcanization.
6. Coating: adding EBS into the production coating can improve the uniformity and dispersion of pigments and fillers, improve the surface leveling of drying paint, prevent paint peeling and improve water resistance, acid and alkali resistance. It can also play the role of extinction in nitrocellulose paint.
7. Chemical fiber industry: In the chemical fiber industry, EBS can improve the heat resistance and weather resistance of polyester and polyamide fibers, and give them a certain anti-static effect. As an additive in the spinning of antistatic nylon fiber, it can also reduce yarn breakage.
8. After being added into the asphalt, the softening of the asphalt can be improved, the viscosity can be reduced, and the corrosion resistance to salt water or acid can be improved;
9. When drawing iron wire, it can be used to increase the wire drawing speed, prolong the life of metal mold and improve the smoothness of iron wire surface; In powder metallurgy molding, the wear of metal mold can be reduced;
10. Add in adhesive and wax to prevent caking and improve demoulding

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