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Ethylene Bis Lauramide (EBL)

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Ethylene Bis Lauramide (EBL)


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EBL is a plastic lubricant dispersant superior to EBS, with unique properties of high melting point and low viscosity in the melt and good mobility. In the melt at high temperature, it has excellent compatibility with ABS, PS, PP, PC, PVC and other resins; It has strong affinity with pigments or fillers, and it is also a lubricating system, which can reduce the adhesion of resin and hot mechanical parts; Compared with EBS dispersant, it has excellent whiteness and transparency, which is conducive to accurate color matching, especially the high standard color matching system; Higher thermal stability, with a wide processing temperature range during resin processing; It has high affinity with resin and pigment.
It is mainly used as general dispersant, internal and external lubricant, brightener, smoothing agent and opening agent. Thermoplastic lubricating release agent can improve the plumpness of plastic surface. Smoothness makes the appearance and color of products more uniform. EBL dispersant is slightly alkaline. When used in PVC and other resins that are easy to decompose acidic substances, it can inhibit resin decomposition and prevent discoloration of products.

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